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The tradition of oil in Abruzzo

Abruzzo can easily earn the nickname "land of olive trees." Olive growing in our region, has evolved over the centuries to suit the customs and needs of generations of farmers, by binding to deep cultural roots. Abruzzo is arguably one of the most interesting areas for olive production quality for calling and thanks to an average production of approximately 260,000 tons of oil, mostly oil.

Abruzzo has a surface area of ​​45,000 hectares of olive grove from which they are produced 1,400,000 tons of olives and just 260,000 tons of oil.

For the agricultural economy of the region, the olive is one of the most important productive sectors as well as a characterization of the territory, being the very wide range of the culture that extends from the mountains to the sea, from coastal hills to those foothills of the Maiella and Gran Sasso. It is clear that in this scenario there are different realities olive fruit buoyancy cultural and social organizations as well as the influence of climate.In the past, sharecropping, I recognized historical form of co-management of the farm in central Italy, has certainly influenced the management of olive groves. Olive, in fact, in this context, was regarded as a secondary crop boundary to the main activities such as livestock and grain farming. The proof of this is given by the adoption of planting distance without precise patterns typical of tree crops associated with field crops. In areas where sharecropping which was very present in the hilly areas of Teramo and Pescara is part of those still visible a culture. In other areas, such as those of the coastal province of Chieti, however, we find rows of olive trees that frame the vineyard in a characteristic topographic intercropping. It is also true, however, that in addition to these realities are contrasted significant examples of strong identity that we find olive production in the district towns of Vestino Moscufo Pianella and culture characterized by the high specialization index for the presence of local variety Straight.Other important regional districts are linked to other interesting local varieties such as the area of ​​Tocco Toccolana Casauria el'Intosso for Lancaster and nearby towns. Another exception is made for the smaller grower, such as those detectable in the communities of Capistrano and Ofena where the olive tree is growing thanks to the Rural and Gentile Aquila showing that they have resistance to adapt to these types of environments piedmont.




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