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Production techniques

The techniques of production of extra virgin olive oil in Abruzzo

Abruzzo is still adopted in traditional production techniques associated with significant use of labor, especially in two important stages that are represented by pruning and harvesting the product. Only in areas where crop specialization is strongest and where information technology is more widespread there is the introduction of innovative techniques in particular as regards the behavior of the soil and plant-product of the collection. Typically, the most common form of farming is a vase. The pruning technique is different in that it measures operating in the two-year old olive groves, olive groves and young annual pruning is practiced. The olive grove is normally the subject of 2-3 seasonal workers, more or less depending on the medium surface and the type of olive.It is to emphasize the gradual spread of non-culture technique that allows for better water conservation in the soil, a higher efficiency of plant roots and greater economy in the management of the olive. For pest management, for some years the Abruzzo region has enabled a specific and integrated pest management project aimed at streamlining and reduction of chemical treatments while respecting the environment and human health.

The olive harvest

It is still done by hand for picking the fruit. But the high cost of labor and its hard to find are making use of mechanization for harvesting olives. This choice is made for the urgent need to conclude in a short time the collection, so as to safeguard the quality of the product, parallel. The harvesting operations are concentrated in the first fortnight of November, even if you're trying to anticipate the beginning to get the best quality oils and to operate in periods of time more forgiving.

More than 200 thousand tons is the average oil production which places the region among the most important in the nation. Olive Abruzzo boasts the production of excellent quality which reaches almost all the regional production. The olive-groves of Abruzzo is estimated at 8 / 9 million trees of about 45 000 hectares. The affected farms are about 65 thousand, a few are, however, those of a purely olive. While affecting all the provinces, the largest olive-growing area is cultivated with 65% of Chieti. The area vestina is one of the areas finest quality in the region and includes the municipalities of Loreto Aprutino Pianella Moscufo, Penne, Collecorvino, Città S. Angelo, Spoltore, Cappelle sul Tavo. From a geographical point of view, the extra virgin olive oil is sold mainly in the Abruzzo region (75%), while the rest arrived in northern Italy, especially in Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Lombardy. There are few companies that claim to sell abroad (4%) in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada and Singapore.In any case, a recent survey found that, in our region, this precious condiment is used by over 96% of the population. The consumption per capita (15-17 liters) is among the highest in the Mediterranean area. The commercial product requires a mark of origin and quality, has recently been established as the dall'ARSSA Abruzzo Quality. The initiative was established to uphold and consolidate in Italy and abroad the image of our fine product. It is clear that the quality mark Abruzzo Abruzzo is reserved for agricultural producers, individually and in combination, whose products have achieved a considerable standard of quality with continuity and consistency of production.




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